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Summer School on Democracy


Call for Applications

Interdisciplinary Summer School on Democracy 

Onsite, 12 18 September 2021 

Deadline: Applications closed

The Summer School 2021 is a one-of-a-kind combination of an interdisciplinary summer school with networking. Its blended package includes a supplement to the University-wide doctoral curriculum, the teaching of soft skillsinspirational speakers, and collaboration with the representatives of various academic institutionsThe Summer School is a great opportunity to bring together doctoral students and candidates to learn and discuss the research and disseminate their results.  

Edition 2021 

"Democratic Development in the 20th and the 21st century" is the main theme of this edition. The Summer School 2021 will feature 3 lectures and last 5 days. 

Instruction language: English 


Admission requirements 


The summer school is open for local and international participants. There are 20 places available for doctoral students and candidates, including 10 from the University of Wroclaw and 10 from institutions all over the world. Eligible applicants can be from disciplines of political science, sociology, history, law, philosophy, communication, as well as mathematics, computer science, or economics with broad interests in democracy and an inquisitive mind representing their respective disciplines.  

The selection of participants shall take place by way of a competition – assessment of the abstracts of proposed presentations.  

Abstracts must be sent to The deadline for submitting the abstracts is July 10, 2021. Accepted applicants will be notified by July 30, 2021. 



The participation costs and the costs of stay (accommodation and meals) of participants from abroad and University of Wroclaw are covered by the University of Wroclaw within the STER program financed by the National Agency for Academic Exchange via BWM IQ Project: Internationalization as a Quality of the New Doctoral School. The participants are expected to cover their travel costs.  

For regular updates on Summer School 2021, please keep an eye on our website 

   NOTE: Our 2021 summer school programme will be adjusted to Covid-19 regulations.  Important: Summer School schedule is based on the CEST timezone. 


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