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Program of Summer School

„Summer School on Democracy: Elections to the European Parliament in CEE States”


16/06 – Travel day


17/06 – Summer School opening ceremony


Welcome speech

Prof. Adam Jezierski, Rector of the University of Wroclaw


Welcome speech

Dr hab Piotr Sula, Deputy Director of the Political Science Institute, University of Wrocław


Future of the European Union

Jacek Wasik, Head of the Regional Representation of the European Commission


Democratic Backsliding in the European Union 

 Prof. Pawel Karolewski, Willy Brandt Center for German and European Studies, University of Wroclaw

11.00-12.00 Visit to the Library at the Faculty of Social Sciences

12.00-13.00 Lunch


European Parliament - meaning and position in the EU. Election Results 2019

Łukasz Kempara, Head of the European Parliament office in Wrocław



Euroscepticism: origins, context and challenges

Petr Just, Metropolitan University




European policy of Fidesz

József Dúró,Corvinus University

EP election results in Hungary

József Dúró, Corvinus University



European debate and the national debate on European issues in the Bulgarian media (2014-2019)

Zhana Popowa, University of Sofia


EP Election results in Bulgaria

Zhana Popowa, University of Sofia

13.30-14.30  Lunch


 Anti-Establishment and Protest Parties′ Performance in Second-Order Elections: Case of 2019 European Parliament Elections in Central Europe

Petr Just, Metropolitan University




 EP elections in Slovakia

Zsolt Gál, Comenius University



Eurosceptics in EP elections in Poland – Causes of their successes and failures

Aleksandra Moroska-Bonkiewicz, University of Wrocław


Historical Traditions as Sources for Czech Euroscepticism Today? How Does History Affect Recent Negative Approaches towards European Union in the Czech Society?

Petr Just, Metropolitan University

13.30-14.30 Lunch


Rethinking Euroscepticism in the light of the EP election results

József Dúró, Corvinus University


Perfect storm over Europe? Multiply, overlapping and mutually reinforcing crises of the European Union

Zsolt Gál, Comenius University


20/06  Presentations of PhD Students - Projects and Research Results


Value-based ideas or material interests? An explanation of Polish and Czech governmental preference formation towards Eurozone accession

Roman Novak, Ruhr University of Bochum


Social Cohesion in European Societies: Conceptualization, Theoretical Implications, and Empirical Evidence

Buraj Arugaj, Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences



Socio-economic Status and Populism: The Influence of the Welfare State

Pascal Siemens, Ruhr University of Bochum


 13.30-14.30 Lunch


16.00-19.00 Sightseeing Wrocław with a guide

21/06  Presentations of PhD Students - Projects and Research Results


Russia′s Eurosceptic propaganda through the religious institutions in Georgia    

Giorgi Koberidze, Georgian Institute of Public Affairs



Multinational Corporations, Economic Growth and Foreign Direct Investment in The Post-Soviet Countries

Zviad Barkaia, Georgian Institute of Public Affairs



Interaction of integration projects of the European and Eurasian regions

Enlik Dossymkhan, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University 

13.30-14.30  Lunch


14.30-17.00  Work in groups



22/06  Visiting museums and presentations

10.00-12.00 Center of the History “Depot”

12.00-13.00 Lunch


Integration of the Republic of Poland with the European Union in the years 1988-2019 

Ewa Woźniak-Wawrzyniak, University of Wrocław



Challenges to European integration and future of the EU

Zsolt Gál, Comenius University


23/06  Cultural program - Trip to the adit in Walim

24/06  Work on presentations and final report

9.00-14.00  Work in groups


14.00-15.00  Lunch


16.00-18.00 Visiting European Commission in Europe House in Wrocław

ERASMUS Plus – possible breakthrough in your life

Paweł Brusiło, Regional Representation of the European Commission

25/06 Work on presentations and final report

9.00-13.00  Work in groups


13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-17.00 Work in groups


26/06  Presentations of the research outcomes and final report

9.00-10.30 Group 1

What do Europeans think about Europe?

10.45-12.15 Group 2

The future of European Union in light of mainstream parties election programs (in 2019).


 Lunch 12.30-13.30

13.30-15.00 Group 3

Various Faces of Party-Based Euroscepticism - East-West Comparison.

15.15-16.45 Group 4

Eurosceptics in European Parliament – does it really matter?


18.00  Farewell party


27/06 – Travel day




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